Monday, August 30, 2010

Beauty Obsession: Laura Mercier Mega-Moisturizer Cream with SPF 15

Laura Mercier Mega-Moisturizer Cream with SPF 15 is my latest face cream obsession. You know how it goes, you try something new, like it for a few weeks, and then it moves to the back of your medicine cabinet while you're on to the next. My makeup artist friend Molly recommended I try this for my super dry skin. Hello, instant hydration. The surprisingly lightweight formula quickly absorbs, leaving my thirsty, sensitive skin feeling moisturized, not greasy. This mega-moisturizer is formulated with Vitamins C and E (powerful antioxidants), Allantoin (soothes, heals, protects skin) and glycerin (acts as a humectant to draw in moisture). I'm about half way through the jar and I’m totally buying another. Available at - Shannon

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