Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Jessica Chastain: The Debt Premiere

I did Jessica's makeup tonight for The Debt Premiere. Here's what I used: For
her face, I started with Mark Calm & Composed Moisturizer. Then I applied Mark
Primed for Perfection face primer to her skin. After she's moisturized, I
applied Mark Min-A-Real cream to powder foundation in Buff using the foundation
brush. Also, I applied Mark Good Riddance concealer in Fair/Light, under her
eyes and around her nose. For her cheeks, I brushed on Mark Just Pinched cream
blush in Peachy to the apples of her cheeks using the foundation brush. I dusted
Mark Matte-nificent powder to her face in Ivory/Nude with a powder brush. Once
her foundation is on, I started with her eyes. I rimmed her eyes with Mark No
Place to Run eye pencil in Jet Set. Then I smudged Mark Longwear Eyeliner Duo in
Entourage(black) along her top and bottom lash line using the flat eyeliner
brush. To finish the eyes, I applied two coats of Mark Lash All You Want mascara
in black. For her lips, I applied Mark Lipclick in Bare Hug.

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KasiaLi said...

Hi there,
Can you describe shade Buff for me? Im light-skinned and my skin shade is very much like Kristen Bell's and I'd love to match Min-a-Real to my skin shade with your help! Thank you very much!