Thursday, May 1, 2008

Welcome to Our Blog

Some might call us beauty junkies but we’ll be the first to say that’s an understatement. We scour the beauty pages of every magazine, share a love of lip gloss, and are never the last to know about a new brand or product. In fact, we’ve actually founded our careers on the topic of beauty. And believe it or not, we’ve been friends long before we worked in the beauty industry, before either of us had a clue. But we make a great team: A celebrity makeup artist and a beauty writer turned beauty boutique entrepreneur. With all the time we spend talking to each other about our newest finds or our quest for the perfect mascara, we figured we might as well share our revelations with other beauty obsessed. That is what we plan to do, and we kind of consider ourselves experts on the topic. We’ll share our newest obsessions, highlight some of Mai’s latest work, noteworthy events, and whatever else tickles our beauty fancy. Welcome and we hope you enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

YOU GUYS RULE!!! I will be addicted to this blog, FYI. xoxo